It’s pretty clear that technology has made life easier over time, everyone is so thankful to have a refrigerator and washing machine. We can buy things after hitting the screen on our phone a few times and now in Austin, Texas you can buy groceries without ever bringing your wallet or purse into the store. Whole Foods Market in Austin is now introducing a new method of payment where customers will be able to pay by scanning the palm of their hand at check out. 

According to CBS Austin, the Arbor Trails store located at 4301 W William Cannon Drive in Austin is the first in the city to introduce this new payment method. There are stores in Seattle that are also offering this new method, but this will be rolled out to all Whole Food Market locations in Austin soon.  

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How Do You Pay For Groceries With the Palm of Your Hand? 

Customers will need to enroll in the Amazon One service and link a card to their account. With similar technology as using your finger to unlock your phone you will soon hover your palm over the Amazon One device and the card linked to your account will automatically be charged for the items you’re purchasing.  

Is It Safe to Buy Groceries With Your Palm on This New Amazon One Service? 

The Amazon One device is set up with multiple security controls to make sure your information, including banking details are safe.  

It’s crazy to think that in just a few years we might not need to bring any sort of bank card with us to make purchases with these technology advances. 

Would you sign up for this new service? 

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