There's a push in the state to skip STAAR testing this year. I know a lot of teachers, parents, and students that wouldn't have a broken heart over having to skip it.

STAAR tests can be a divisive topic. There are several people who think that our state's standardized testing is inefficient and needs to be overhauled. Others claim it is a way to keep our schools accountable. Either way, it does help determine how much federal money our schools will receive.

Some Texas lawmakers are calling for the cancellation of STAAR testing this year. One lawmaker calls it "testing for the sake of testing." Those calling for the TEA to suspend STAAR testing this year say that in light of the ongoing pandemic, it is not in the best interest of educators, parents, and students to resume testing.

There's still a lot to be decided when it comes to the upcoming school year. Everyone has decisions to make.

Parents are having to decide between in-class and virtual learning. There are concerns about how the virus could potentially spread in schools, and what will be done to keep our children as safe as possible.

When it comes to virtual learning, there are concerns on how you will be able to get everything accomplished. We've been told that virtual learning is going to be more difficult, and will require more participation from parents and students than in the spring.

What if both parents work? What if you have more than one child?

With everything that is going on in the world today, with all of the things that we are already thinking and worrying about, do we really need to be focusing on STAAR testing this year?



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