It will be the same palette-pleasing wine, but the size of the container will be changing.  Instead of buying a large bottle, you'll be able to buy a much smaller container that's easier to polish off all by yourself.

Give a girl some good conversation and a few hours on the couch, and a typical 750 ml bottle of wine sure can disappear.  So it's not that an entire bottle of wine can't be polished off in one sitting, but alcohol regulators have decided to make draining it a little easier.

They might not be thinking about this as an assist for lonely nights on the couch watching The Notebook, but single-serve wine containers could be a good companion nonetheless.  The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau just gave the green light to seven new standards of fill, and the changes will apply to both wine and spirits.

The bureau has plans to start allowing different sizes of wine containers to be sold in stores, and that means we'll be seeing smaller bottles of wine and larger bottles of booze.

New wine containers include the 12-ounce size, which is equivalent to soda and beer cans.  The new 355 ml size amounts to almost half a standard wine bottle, so a couple of those while watching The Notebook should about do it.  Other wine containers that have been approved are 200 ml and 250 ml sizes.  Those may feel like restaurant pours if we can nestle an inch of red into the bottom fourth of a huge glass.  Just a little wine is all we need sometimes and a whole lot of breathing room.

While winemakers will add smaller options, booze containers will be getting bigger.  For spirits, the new package sizes are 700 ml, 720 ml, 900 ml, and 1.8 liters, and it's all meant to help the wine and booze industries market and sell more products.

The new rules went into effect at the end of December, and we should be seeing the new sizes in stores this spring.  Cheers!

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