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Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas is planning on giving the world's first log flume ride a major overhaul in 2024. Once complete it will become the longest log flume ride in the world!

On hot and humid days Six Flags Over Texas park guests seek out water rides to catch a break from the heat and to cool down a bit. One of those water rides has been cooling off park visitors since 1963, El Aserradero, more commonly called The Log Ride.  This ride has been taking guests on a gentle ride through the giant shade trees and eventually ending with a big splash which gets riders all wet.

Growing up in the metroplex and having multiple seaon passes to Six Flags throughout my life, I've ridden this ride numerous times and now I'm looking forward to the improvements planned for this legendary park ride.

El Aserradero will now be known as El Rio Lento and will feature a new lift hill and two big drops, including a giant, steep nosedive, and will debut during the 2024 operating season. Currently, the ride carries guests along a water-filled trough, instead of rails, in specially themed logs that travel through the trough at around 15 miles per hour at a height of 10 to 30 feet in the air. The current ride lasts approximately three and a half minutes.

El Rio Lento will be expanded to approximately 2,500 feet long. According to a company press release, the improved log flume is part of one of the company’s "most substantial planned investments in its parks in more than a decade". Six Flags Over Texas park president Richard Douaihy said,

"Our new El Rio Lento will capture the spirit of the very first log flume as we are enhancing the guest experience so they can continue to create amazing family memories. I am excited to announce our capital project as we invest to preserve our well-loved log flume."

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