While I’ve never owned a business myself I can only imagine the amount of work that it takes. You are relying on yourself to bring in enough income to make sure not only your business is staying profitable but also you need to be able to pay yourself to keep the lights on and food in your refrigerator. It might seem glamorous as an outsider but there is no question about it, being a successful business owner is hard work. But recently the U.S. Chamber of Commerce announced their list of ‘America’s Top Small Businesses’ and there were six Texas businesses that made the list. 

Just think about that for a second. Of all the small businesses in the entire country, these businesses are doing things that are making a positive impact. In total there were 70 small businesses that got recognition from these awards. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce broke up the country in different regions and Texas was in the Southwest/ South Central division. 

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Texas Took Half of the Nominations from Our Division 

Of the 10 total businesses that were nominated from the Southwest/ South Central division, it’s impressive that more than half of the businesses are from the state of Texas. There are so many very intelligent entrepreneurs from Texas and it’s fantastic to see them get some kudos.  

Let’s Learn About the 6 Texas Businesses That Were Nominated 

Here is a look at the 6 businesses in Texas that are doing so well they were recognized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's for being some of the top small businesses in the country.  

5 Texas Businesses Names as Top Small Businesses in the Country

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