I think I got one of these calls recently but I really didn't give them time to reply or event get started on trying to sell their scam. I'll share my story and the end result in a few.

Even though its a new year, scammers have found a new way to scam and the Smith County Sheriff's Office wants all of East Texas to know about it.

According a press release we received, a new method of scamming citizens has been reported to the Smith County Sheriff’s Office. In this scam, the caller identifies himself as a representative of a named financial institution. He then attempts to convince the individual that their home is in danger of being foreclosed. He will actually have the homeowner’s correct address to make the call seem more legitimate.

He then gives the individual a separate phone number to call so that payment arrangements can be made.

If you receive a call like this, simply hang up. If you have doubts as to the veracity of the call, contact the financial institution or mortgage company through which your home is financed. These scams seem to be targeted mostly toward our senior citizens. If you have a loved one or a friend whom you feel could fall victim to this fraudulent activity, please inform them of this newest scam.

On Monday, I believed I received a call like this and I let the "lady" get through her "script" but when she got to the party about my home being "foreclosed", I told her that I'm actually RENTING the home I'm in and I know the owners personally..... Then I hung up in her face. I'm always down for wasting a scammers time.

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