It's not just about diet and exercise -- cold weather presents extra challenges to keeping your weight in check. Here are some sneaky ways winter could be making you bigger after the jump.

Reason We Gain Weight In The Winter
  • You sleep with a pile of blankets. Being too warm can keep you from getting a good night's sleep, which can make you gain weight. Keep your room at around 68 degrees. (Guess I need to take 3 blankets off my bed then... but if the room temp is 68 are you allowed to keep the blankets?)
  • You have a cold. Even if getting sick didn't derail your workout routine, the virus that causes colds and flu can cause your fat cells to multiply and grow bigger! (Remember to wash your hands and take vitamin c)
  • You go for carbs. Winter blues trigger carb cravings -- because carbs boost our mood.
    (Carbs taste so good.)
  • Your house is drafty. Keeping your house warm can help you eat less. Studies show we control our cravings better and eat less when we eat in warmer temperatures. (First we are supposed to sleep in cooler temperatures BUT now "they" say keep your house warm. Make up your minds people!)
  • Everyone else is gaining weight. The flu isn't the only thing that's contagious! Being around heavier people makes you more likely to put on the pounds yourself. (Really? Experts!)
  • You're stressed. Higher stress levels trigger your body to accumulate belly fat and, let's face it, being stressed makes us run for the cookies and French fries! (Wow, wonder how much they got paid to do this study? "Experts - Whatever")

Source: Fitbie

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