Car maintenance is essential to keeping your baby running right. We thought it would be good to offer some simple advice to avoid any issues in the future.

***This is for a few good laughs only. DO NOT try any of these with your vehicle.***

1. Even though they are not used anymore, it's still good to keep a jug on hand.

2. It's not fun to sit in a cold car waiting for the defrost to kick in. Use this simple idea to get on the road sooner.

3. This will get you ready for next spring into summer. Gotta keep things cool.

4. Seems legit.

5. If you're running low on cash to get new bulbs, this could tide you over until you can replace them.

6. It's important to always use the correct oil in your vehicle.

7. During your holiday travels, this is always important to avoid any surprises on the highway.

8. Another bit of tire and wheel know how.

9. We don't have a big problem with this around here but better safe than sorry.

10. This was thrown in just for fun. Because Ford.

Once again, DO NOT try this on your vehicle. Just wanted to offer up a few laughs for your day. Your welcome.

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