When two people fall "out" of love with each other, things can go one of two ways: everybody agrees to disagree and go their separate ways without any drama or things can get super ugly and they end up in court fighting over assets. When folks choose the latter, you can expect the fight to be long, ugly and contentious with one side trying to get all that they can from the other. To be completely honest with you, we don't know if this is the case here, but a hilarious TikTok video is making the rounds and it all has us asking a bunch of questions.

TikTok User @loadshark Shared This Video

We caught this video on TikTok which already has over half a million views showing what looks to be just a PIECE of a house that's still standing while the rest of it is completely gone. It kind of looks like someone took a knife and accurately cut sliced off just this section. The user put the caption "Divorce In Texas" as a joke but some folks brought it, including myself. I really thought this was the result of an ugly divorce where they literally "split" everything. Turns out it isn't.

According To Residents Familiar With The Area, It's Just A Home Being Remodeled.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Before you go looking for the "divorce attorney" that made this happen, let us tell you that after some investigating (meaning we read some of the comments on the video) we found that this "1/4 house" is actually a home that was being demolished and remodeled by the owners. Its located in Pearland, Texas and you can see the finished product above. Nice work! But we still got to show love to @loadshark for the hilarious take which caught our attention.

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