We're just a few days away from the latest endeavor in the Skywalker Saga - Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

To say I'm excited is an understatement.

I spent most of the weekend tuned into TNT for their Star Wars marathon. Episodes I through VI in all their glory. Even if it was the George Lucas special edition for Episode IV through VI.

Why am I a fan, though?

There's the fantasy factor of what it would be like if there were these numerous worlds filled with different creatures that could exist together. Cantina scene in A New Hope anyone?

The seven stories we've seen so far are the perfect good versus evil cliche. They are filled with political corruption, massive battles and one on one matches of emotion and strength.

There are numerous characters that we love. And it doesn't matter if they're on the dark side or light side. For most, the first thing they think of when it comes to Star Wars is Storm Troopers.

Finally, all the films are enjoyable to watch. You can sit down with the whole family and everyone, no matter the age, has some aspect to enjoy. And who doesn't love Ewoks, come on.

The eighth installment opens this weekend and will bring in massive piles of cash for Disney. Early, spoiler free, reviews are raving about how good it is.

You have through 11 A.M. Tuesday, December 12, to sign up for a chance to see it Thursday, December 14, at our exclusive showing in Tyler. Sign up HERE.

May the force be you.

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