A subdivision in San Antonio, on Palo Alto Rd South of San Antonio, began construction in 2007. Mauro Padilla was the developer heading up the project to build 37 four-plexes. Through various investors and bank loans, he got the funds together to put this neighborhood on the map.

According to mysanantonio.com, Padilla was building his neighborhood without approval for roads, plats, water and sewer. The county fire marshall had to come in and eventually shut down the project.

It was also learned that Padilla was using undocumented workers to do the work then threaten to report them to immigration when they complained they were not getting paid.

In 2011, Padilla was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for bank fraud. The money he secured for his project ended up going to paying for a mansion for himself, a wedding, a relative's car dealership and more.

Until March 1 of this year, the neighborhood went without an owner and sat vacant with it's many unfinished homes, unfinished roads and untended landscapes. Dallas based TVPA Partners bought the property according to mysanantonio.com.

That didn't stop Youtuber, adamthewoo from visiting the abandoned project in 2014. It gets a little silly in parts but you get a good idea of what the area looks like and could have been.

No word on what will become of the area. But with a proper owner, this neighborhood could turn into a nice area to live.

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