What an odd sight to see. Footage was captured of a couple of pigeons with tiny cowboy hats on their heads. No one seems to know why this was done or even how it was accomplished.

Robert Lee was the person who saw the pigeons on December 5 and posted it on his Facebook page. He saw them as he was driving with his girlfriend according to abc13.com.

Lee told Storyful about the baffling sight, "The rodeo is in town so that's the only explanation I have."

Some were not as amused, though. Lofty Hopes (what is it about that name that just makes me giggle) works with a local rescue group that is worried about the birds. They want to find them so the hats can be taken off.

ktnv.com in Las Vegas says some think this could be a case of animal cruelty. Whether you find it funny or cruel, you really have to wonder, "How in the world did these hats get on their heads? And why?"

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