Whenever you drive past an East Texas lake it difficult to not dream about living on the lake with a boat. It's just beautiful and it would be a dream come true to call the lake life home. Well this property for sale in Bullard is exactly that, a dream property. The list price is $2.3 million dollars, but this property gives you almost 5 acres on Lake Palestine.

The exact address is 224 South Eagles Bluff Blvd. Bullard, TX, 75757 and the house is 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathrooms and is large totaling over 6,100 square feet. There are many things to love about this house but some of my favorites include the back patios you have a ground level and 2nd story patio. But of them giving you room to relax with a fantastic view of Lake Palestine. The house comes with a 3-car garage, plus a boathouse with two electric lifts.

This Lakefront Property in Bullard is Gorgeous from Top to Bottom

Often times with a house being on a lake there can be minor flaws that are overlooked but this house is gorgeous. There are so many things to like about it but one that really sticks out to me is the master suite. The master bedroom is large, and the master bathroom is huge with tons of closet space.

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There Are So Many Great Things About This House It's Going To Sell Quick

If only I had the money to purchase this amazing property, but whoever does have the cash it really going to love it. Just check out the pictures of how nice this place really is.

Almost 5 Acres on Lake Palestine With Spectacular Views

This house in Bullard on Lake Palestine is gorgeous, check out the pictures for yourself

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