Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs have been on an incredible run since 2018. Three straight AFC Championship games, an MVP for Mahomes and a Lombardi Trophy. Sunday night, however, the Chiefs ran into a buzzsaw in the Bucs' defensive front seven and some guy named Tom Brady.

For the first time in Mahomes' NFL career, the Chiefs lost by more than one possession, with the Bucs beating Kansas City 31-9 to win Super Bowl LV.

Tom Brady was an efficient picture of beauty with zero pressure. The Bucs rushing attack and short passing attack dominated the Chiefs defense along, with some untimely penalties by the Chiefs defense. When the Chiefs were on offense, Mahomes was running for his life, routinely looking like he did while he was a Red Raider, only without the miraculous catches on the other end of his crazy throws.

Texas Tech fans felt right at home watching Mahomes run like crazy and still get off passes down the field. Red Raider fans also remember Leonard Fournette running wild down the field as he did in a bowl game against Texas Tech when he played for LSU.

Mahomes, seen below, was horizontal and threw a frozen dart to the goal line, hitting his target in the face. The ball was dropped. That's just how his night went.

The Bucs defense only sacked Mahomes three times, but was in the backfield every single play with Mahomes not looking comfortable. Mahomes would finish 26 of 49 with 270 yards and no touchdowns.

According to ESPN Stats and Info, Mahomes was pressured on 57 percent of his dropbacks, while Tom Brady was pressured on just 9 percent of his.

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