Is This The Dumbest Law in Texas?
It's something I can safely say you will never do, and it involves your eyeball.  But just in case you're thinking about it, I'll mention that it's illegal, and I"ll save you some time in court.
Best Man Speech Brings Tears [VIDEO]
Weddings are a joyous occasion and a time for your friends and families to celebrate and toast to your happiness. The "best man" usually makes a festive toast in your honor, but sometimes the "best man" can say a little "too much".
Ultimate Dream Wedding
Planning a wedding is a big HUGE task. You've got to figure out the specifics for the date, time, venue, music, photography, marriage officiant, wedding party, food, flowers, guest list, the wedding dress, the tux, and countless other details to make your day absolutely perfect. Usually, the couple …
Hey now!
Disclaimer: I am not married -- not engaged to be married -- but yes I do have a Pinterest wedding board. Most girls have them, but apparently this bride didn't have one, because she overlooked a very important conversations when booking her photographer.

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