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Ah, the classic diamond ring. It's been a symbol of romantic love and a pledge to love "happily ever after" for decades. There's something timeless and seemingly immortal about the diamond ring. We've seen them in movies and TV. Just the ads alone can bring us to tears. We've even heard them celebrated in our music. Leave it to Marilyn to remind us that:

A kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl's best friend... (and so on.)

So you've fallen in love and met the someone you want to love forever. Time to head out and spend a few months salary on the perfect. ring. Seems simple enough, right? Just head to the jeweler and find the biggest one you can afford and you're ready.

But wait. It's not just karat size you need to consider. There are a variety of different cuts to consider. Now, there's a chance your beloved has already given you hints about what they'd prefer. However, if you're navigating the endless choices of options, it may be helpful to at least narrow down what cut you're looking for.

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Nowadays, more complex rings have become popular, too. You've seen them--they're stunning. It may be a simple round or princess-cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds. Even the bands are covered in tiny diamonds. People are even veering away from diamonds altogether and opting instead for a more vintage look and incorporating other stones completely, like opals or sapphires. Some of have even decided to stick with a simple, sparkling band.

Here's a few of the options:

A Look At Different Types Of Engagement Rings

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