I'm gonna be honest, I was sick and tired of election coverage six months ago. Let's just vote, have our "civil war" then move on already. I am so tired of screaming politicians and yelling supporters. Our embarrassment of a government is not my life's number one concern like everyone else makes it to be. So stupid. I need a quick vacation and fast.

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I think I may have found the perfect quick vacation to take, and it won't cause a big headache. A company called JSX will fly you from Dallas to Houston, in a private jet, for just $99. Plus, you'll have the feeling you're a world class traveler.

You start by booking your ticket at jsx.com or through the JSX mobile app. Instead of checking into the airport, taking off half your clothes to go through security, then packing onto a crowded and cramped airplane, you pull up to a private terminal, valet your car, put your bag on the plane and your off. In flight, you will get to enjoy a complimentary cocktail and snack with all the leg room you can handle.

If you're one that likes your furry travel companion, you can bring your small dog or even cat on the flight with you. If you really want to get fancy with your mini vacation, you can book a trip to Las Vegas for some extra bones.

Check it out and enjoy some hassle free weekend get awaying.

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