This is one of those stories that I hope you both take a lesson from - and don't need to take a lesson from because you already know it doesn't make much sense.

A teen in Edmond, Oklahoma found herself behind bars after calling the police to get her ID back from a bar in the Sooner state. The problem, however, is that her ID wasn't hers at all. It was a fake ID used to get into the bar, and yes, this girl called the police to help her get it back.


18-year-old Blakelee Sands called the Edmond police saying that the bar refused to give her her ID back. According to KOKH, when officers arrived, the bar turned over the ID with the name "McKamie Queen".

I guess deciding to stick to her story, Sands told officers she was, in fact, McKamie Queen, but that the bar was the one in the wrong for not believing her.

I believe Sands had a lack of judgement here - essentially forgetting that officers have the ability to run state ID cards. When the responding officers ran the ID, it was traced back to a Robert Sanchez - a Texas resident.

First lesson taken away from this - just be 21. Don't try to use a fake ID to get into a bar. We're in a pandemic anyway, what are you really missing out on?

Second lesson, don't CALL THE POLICE TO BAIL YOU OUT OF YOUR LIE. Seriously.

Sands allegedly told police she used the ID because she didn't think she'd get caught.

Sands was arrested for presenting a false ID with the purpose of misleading officers and taken to Edmond City Jail.

Lesson learned.

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