This has to be one of the most tragic stories I have heard in a long time and it involves the death of a young woman who was way too young. The details were first released by KTRK regarding a 17-year-old girl who was in a vehicle crash late at night, after the crash witnesses reported that she was dodging vehicles moving quickly. While attempting to avoid moving vehicles the disoriented teenager mistakenly tumbled to her death below a Sam Houston Tollway flyover in Houston.

While many people might question how something like this could happen, we're talking about a healthy teenager, shortly after midnight with all of this taking place, there are just so many questions that are unanswered at this point. And one family that is tragically trying to wrap their head around what happened earlier this week.

Here is What Witnesses Saw That Lead Up to the Tragedy

Witnesses are reporting seeing a single vehicle crash on the flyover at the Beltway 8 and I-45 interchange in Houston. After the crash took place which did quite a bit of damage to her vehicle the teenager got out and climbed on top of her car, probably in an attempt to avoid other vehicles. She could have been injured in the accident and likely didn't know that there was a large drop off the tollway. She died instantly after jumping over the wall to the ground below.

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The Teenager Appeared Disoriented After the Crash

Police are saying the teenager who has not been identified yet was disoriented and confused about where she was after the crash. I'm not certain how they obtained this information but regardless this is extremely sad.

Find out more about the crash here:

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