Finding the perfect name for your new pup can be a challenge because you want something cool that will match the dog's greatness, and at the same time, the name needs good consonants for emphasis when the dog gets in trouble. How about Tex? And give your favorite state some love at the same time.

After the disaster with the puppy scam where some unscrupulous jerks tricked me into paying $750 for a dog that didn't exist, we DID end up getting a new puppy.  We are thrilled with our new mini schnauzer!  And also a little bit sad that pet ownership costs so darn much, and yes, we're counting the scam money.  It was all part of the process that led us to little Poppy Bon Jovi.

Jen Austin - Townsquare Media
Jen Austin - Townsquare Media

It might be the weirdest name ever but our family split down the middle about the name, with half of us voting for Poppy and half of us liking the name Jovi a little bit better.  Since I paid for her and I had the final word, I decided to run them all together.  It looks good on the AKC papers, and hopefully, she will never give love a bad name or be a little runaway.  Ok, I'll stop.

If you're looking for dog names with Idaho ties, these are some of the leftover ones we had on our list.  If you think of others, let me know!

Ten Names For Your Dog That Are So Texas

Shiner - You're a good person so you won't let your dog drink the beer, but you might give him a beer-based name and that will be good enough.
Paris - It would be a fancy name if we were in France, but we're Texas so this dog might wear a collar with fringe.
Rosie - I had a Rosie growing up, and she had one blue eye and one brown eye. She was the sweetest dog ever. And we have roses!
Gilmer - It's one of those East Texas town names that's just begging to be attached to a dog, isn't it? Gilmer should have floppy ears and a long nose, and this will be an awesome name.
Aggie - I'm sure there are dogs around East Texas that have this name already, and they probably have maroon collars.
Brazos - You could call him or her Braz for short, and the middle name could be County or River.
Landry - Tom was beloved by all, and your dog will be too.
Marshall - There was a pup named Marshall on PAW Patrol, and he was a firefighter. Honor the town and honor a first responder at the same time with this name.
Ranger - The baseball team may not have a winning record, so you may be linking the dog to the Texas Department of Public Safety Texas Rangers. And then if the baseball team hits a winning streak, you're all set.
Tex - You could throw in other affectionate terms too, like Big and Mex and surely the dog will obey your commands.
Naming a dog is the fun part!  And now we're onto sit, stay, and the potty training.  If you name your dog Bronco, "go Bronco" could apply to potty training and Hank Bachmeier too.  Just trying to save you some time.

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