UPDATE: Jamie Foxx's family have reported that his health seems to be improving greatly. Find the latest developments here.


Exactly one month ago Terrell, Texas native Jamie Foxx's daughter Corinne posted on Instagram a now deleted status that her father had just experienced a, "medical complication." According to this article with Fox News, Foxx has reportedly never left an Atlanta hospital in the last month. I know everyone in Killeen-Temple is pulling for him!

Has anyone actually heard from Jamie Foxx in the last month?

If you follow Jamie Foxx on Instagram, then you know his account published a status a little over a week ago on May 3rd expressing appreciation for everyone's support. The status didn't feature a picture, only text that read,

"Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed"
Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

What is the latest on Foxx's status since the May 3rd Instagram post?

According to this article at Yahoo, it is being reported that friends and family,

"Are preparing for the worst."

This update comes after all previous reports had been about the improvement of Foxx's condition, and being well on the road to recovery.

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What was Jamie Foxx doing prior to the medical emergency?

According to previously cited articles, Foxx was currently working on a production with Cameron Diaz for an upcoming movie, "Back in Action." If you look at Foxx's IMDB page, it lists as many as 11 upcoming projects, so the actor has definitely been busy.

As nothing official has been released by an actual representative of Jamie Foxx, I am going to continue hoping for the best. At just 55 years old, we are definitely too far away from thinking about a world without Jamie Foxx.

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