Four years ago this past Saturday April 15th, Rebekah Gregory was standing with her young son near the finish line of Beantown's annual Patriot's Day event.  She'd traveled from her Houston home to support a friend who was participating in the run through the streets.  Then the terrorists' bombs exploded, changing her life forever.  

Rebekah's story is recapped in the attached piece from NBC's Today ShowShe just published a book - Taking My Life Back.  Reading it will make you mad for what happened, & you will cry (a lot), no matter how tough you think you are.  Ultimately your heart will be filled with warmth as you read how Rebekah continues to face up to, struggle with, but eventually overcome the challenges put in front of her as a result of that horrible day.

Back in late January, I attended the annual Stars Over Longview celebratory luncheon.    Rebekah Gregory was the guest speaker.  Hearing her describe what's now chronicled in the book, & how her long-term mission is to serve as an inspiration to people coping with life's difficulties- I was in awe of her courage & determination.  It should not come as a big surprise to learn that when her talk that day was finished, the crowd on hand gave her a dramatic & very sincere standing ovation.


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