Smoking cigarettes isn't just bad for your health, it's bad for your wallet as well.

WalletHub recently revealed just how much smoking truly costs, and they were kind enough to sort the results by state.

Source: WalletHub


As I'm writing this, Texas ranks 23rd in the US for costs per lifetime and costs per year. Usually people only tally up the price for cigarettes, but they're forgetting to add in the true cost.

To determine the true cost of smoking, WalletHub calculated "potential monetary losses — including the cumulative cost of a cigarette pack per day over several decades, health-care expenditures, income losses and other costs — brought on by smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke."

Let's get down to the numbers. A smoking Texan spends on average $42,909 per year, and $2,059,626 in their lifetime! Think about what 2 million dollars could of have been spent on if you weren't a smoker.

The sad part about their lifetime calculations is that they only calculated to age 69, which happens to be the average age at which a smoker dies. So not only does smoking cigarettes cost you a big chunk of cash, it also costs a big chunk of your life expectancy.

I realize that every person has their vices, and this article is not intended to shame any person. Quitting smoking is possible, and these figures could easily be used as motivation. has great tips on quitting for men, women, and teens, and even a special section for veterans. Check it out if you're looking to cut cigarettes out of your life and breathe easier.

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