Enjoying a meal together in Texas is how most of us spend time together. While it might start with simple conversation it often turns into a cup of coffee or snack or sometimes just planning a whole meal around connecting with friends or family. It’s always nice to be able to break bread with people we care about but it seems like lately it’s becoming more difficult for Texans to continue to go out to eat for a few different reasons, let’s see what is going on. 

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The reason I was even thinking about this is because I recently looked at an article by Go Banking Rates about how the middle class can’t afford to dine out anymore and it made a lot of sense to me. It seems like lots of people here in the great state of Texas have been hit pretty hard over the past few years with inflation raising the prices of everything which drastically decreases the money we have to go out to eat.  

People Not Going Out to Eat Is a Problem 

When families have to spend more money on bills, that is less money for discretionary spending. If we’re not supporting local businesses, they can’t afford to keep their doors open or pay their employees, which creates a big problem especially in smaller towns.  

Let’s Look at Some Specific Issues Going On 

Going out to eat is becoming increasingly challenging for many people in Texas for a variety of reasons, let’s look at some of the problems. 

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