Texas has long been debating whether a bullet train from Houston to Dallas would be worth it. Being a city-dweller, I think it absolutely would - Houston to Dallas in 90 minutes!? Both cities, which are are expected to each reach a population of 10 million by 2035, according to Houston Chron, would seriously benefit from a mass transit system like this.

Of course their are pitfalls, which is why there is so much opposition (largely from rural areas who would have to deal with a 200 mph train whizzing by their neighborhood).

As of Monday, Texas Central announced where they would like to park their Houston terminal. If you didn't hear, they already decided their North Texas location in the Cedars neighborhood in Dallas.

While the selections have been made, the project estimated to cost anywhere from $15-18 billion, must be approved by the federal government. However, the project will be privately funded per Texas Central unlike California's high-speed rail, which is is utilizing a state-funded authority and government grants.

via texascentral.com
via texascentral.com

Harris County Precinct 4 Commissioner Jack Cagle said it well when speaking with Chron:

Right now we compete against Dallas. But with that 90-minute trip, we will compete with Dallas.

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