Are these new?  I haven't seen inflatable rooftop claws at Halloween before, but there is at least one downtown district in Texas that has them everywhere. 

Before you yell at me for taking a picture while I was driving, let me point out that I had my daughter snap the pic from the passenger seat.  She took a break from her headphones give Mama an assist and got gas station candy that day so she was happy and we had a bonding moment talking about how much space the claw would probably take up in our living room.

We snapped the pic last weekend on Main Street in Frisco, TX, north of Dallas.  In addition to the claw, buildings in the downtown district also had spiders hanging off of them and a ghost or two.  When the wind blows they can't be inflated, but as long as the weather is nice daytime drivers have something interesting to gawk out while traffic is creeping along in a crowded spot.

Have you seen these around East Texas?  We'd love to know where they are so we can spread the word. A few spiders might be fun on top of ETX Brewing Company, and they might add a little extra romance to your dinner date at Rick's on the Square, or Don Juan on the Square.

Christmas light displays are always popular for drive-bys in November and December, and if homes and businesses start adding orange and white lights, inflatable spiders, and claws, October could turn into a rival month for onlookers.

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