When playing high school sports things can get competitive but most of the time you can expect your teammates to always be by your side, but unfortunately there was one Texas high school football player that was attacked by his teammates. According to MSN, there have now been three players that have been charged in the attack and there is a large reward issued for anyone with video of the assault.

How The Attack Took Place

Two of Cole's teammates lured him outside saying his truck was hit, that's when 17-year-old Reid Mitchell punched him in the face. He was then smalled into the concrete and hit multiple times by elbows. Ayden Holland and Logan Huber along with Reid Mitchell have all been arrested and charged with aggravated assault. There is now a $25,000 reward for a video of the assault taking place. You can contact the Lake Jackson Police Department at 979-415-2700.

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Teammates Should Be Like Brothers

When I played high school football one of the first things coaches instilled in us is that we are now a family. And if you see anyone picking on one of your family members you should be there to stick up for them. It is disgusting to hear that all of this happened over relationships with girls in high school. It's unlikely for Cole to ever be able to play football again. According to social media updates Cole is no longer using a ventilator to breathe. Here is a video of a vigil that was held over this past weekend.

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