I’m guessing that if you’re reading this, you’re most likely living in Texas, and you probably do your own laundry. You’ve probably been doing your laundry for as long as you can remember, because if you want clean clothes you need to make sure that you wash them. Now most of us learned to do laundry from our parents or watching family members, but there might be some laundry habits that you have that you should stop immediately. 

Angry Laundry

Now we all know that laundry habits are not going to be the difference between life and death. But if there are things that we are doing that are wasting time, money or just causing unneeded aggravation, we should stop doing those things. Which is why I wanted to talk to you about laundry habits because so often we are also taught laundry habits by the big companies that just want us to buy more of their products. 

There is Even a Hack for Not Loosing Socks in the Dryer 

We all have different things that can be a pain, but losing socks in the dryer is something we have all dealt with at some point. But there is even a tip that you can see below that will help you not lose any socks in the dryer ever again.  

Let’s Look at the Laundry Habits You Need to Break 

To avoid wasting money or time here is a look at some very helpful tips when you’re taking care of your piles of laundry.  

Top Ten Laundry Hacks That Will Have You Tumbling With Joy

We have loads of tips to help elevate your laundry game! Not only will your clothes last longer, but you could even save some money in the process!

Gallery Credit: Heidi Kaye

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