The Big 12 Softball tournament is underway. The Texas Longhorns ended the Red Raiders' season in the opening round, punching their ticket to the semifinals against Oklahoma State.

At the conclusion of the first inning, the Longhorns coach didn't like a call the umpires made, and neither did the team's Twitter account.

Longhorns Head Softball Coach Mike White had words with the third-base umpire after the disagreement and was tossed from the game for his argument. White was escorted to the dugout where he rallied the crowd, then turned back toward the diamond and threw a textbook finger bird to the umpire crew.

ESPN caught the magnificent sign language on the broadcast.

Oklahoma fans in attendance threw some hand gestures back to White as he exited the field after the ejection.

Kids everywhere are now ruined because of White's decisions, according to Eddie Radosevich, who is the self-proclaimed leader of the horns down for peace movement.

White took to Twitter following the game to apologize for his actions with a written statement on Twitter. White said, "Out of frustration I did something while leaving the field of play that I regret, and I hope that my apology will be accepted for my uncharacteristic indiscretion."

Does anyone really think that Mike White, the man who auto-flipped the bird while leaving the field, doesn't characteristically use the bird in his daily life? Doubtful. The bird is also characteristic of the Longhorns in general.

For what it's worth, Oklahoma State won the game, 6-1.

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