Y'all! We need to raise the minimum wage in Texas. Because UGH.

Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, says we ain't gettin' no damn raise.

It is hard out here (for a pimp, for a playa, for a single mom, for a single dad, for anybody) "trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents!"

Actually, we are trying to make ends meet out of $7.25 an hour, which is the minimum wage in Texas and the United States government.

I have had several minimum wage jobs in my past and past-present, but I will be damned if that will be my future. Robots be damned, too. I heard that even UberEats is buying out Chowbotics, a company that uses robots to replace humans from delivering food. Are robots the future of America? Are we going to be replaced by these android artificial thangs and then be subjugated to making a minimum wage of $7.25 for hard human labor?

I visited another city recently and they had a robot kiosk inside the restaurant. You had to type in your order in the touchscreen and then a human called your name and gave you your food order. There were literally only THREE employees in the place. How many humans were replaced by that kiosk?

Sure, it was very convenient to punch in my order on the touchscreen, and YES, I came up with this idea as a NINE-year-old child back in the 80s, but I never would have thought of it if it meant that another person would be replaced by a robot.

There is a push right now to make the federal minimum wage to $15 and I have heard many employers gripe. I have seen many employees worried if they are going to be replaced by automation or machines. I, too, have had a few scares wondering if all the skills I've developed over the years would be deemed replaceable by bots. Let's be real though, the minimum wage has not kept up with inflation and the times we are living in.

Many groups have tried to determine what minimum wage should be in the year 2021 if it had increased alongside annual inflation. One such group says we should be looking at a federal wage of $12 an hour.

What do you think the minimum wage should be?