Growing up I remember watching shows like Cops and Rescue 911 and wanting to grow up to be a law enforcement officer. From everything I saw they all worked so hard for their communities and truly wanted to make improvements to their community. I believe most officers still want to accomplish these things but as I’ve aged, I know I couldn’t keep up with the criminals anymore. But I’m curious, do you think you could pass all the tests required to be a law enforcement officer in the state of Texas? 

As I was thinking about what it takes to become an officer, I decided to search online to see what popped up. It appears that each department is going to have different requirements although many of them are very similar. Just like the requirements are different the pay is different, obviously the bigger cities with more crime are normally able to offer a few more dollars to your annual salary. 

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Beginning Minimum Requirements to Become an Officer in Texas 

As mentioned above each police department will have their own specific requirements but here are some general requirements: 

  • Be a citizen of the US or have permanent resident status 
  • Received your high school diploma or GED 
  • Clean criminal record from misdemeanors and federal crimes 
  • Have a valid Texas driver's license of Class “C” status 
  • Pass a drug test with no trace of drug dependency 
  • Have no physical or medical conditions that would make it difficult to perform law enforcement duties 

What Does the Application Process to Become an Officer in Texas Look Like 

Steps to Become a Police Officer in Texas

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