Todays weather across East Texas certainly brings back some bad memories of a year ago. We received the most snow and coldest temperatures any of us had seen in a very long time. To make matters worse, most of Texas was without power for up to four days because the grid that was supposed to keep everything on couldn't keep up with the massive demand. Since that time, the question has come up many times if that same grid would be able to keep up with the current storm.

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So yes, so far, the much maligned Texas power grid has kept up. Some Texans are without power but that's due to trees falling or too much ice accumulating on power lines. That's where our lineman come into play. Those men and women don't get to curl up by the fireplace when weather like this comes in. Nope. They gotta suit up and head out into the storm, whether it's past or not, and work to get fallen power lines back up and connected.

They are certainly unsung heroes of natural disasters.

It is possible to see how the Texas power grid is holding up against the supply that is needed to keep homes warm. ERCOT, or Electric Reliability Council of Texas, has a dashboard available to look at online that gives real time stats of how the grid is performing. One of the most important stats is the energy supply versus the demand. I took this screenshot of the supply and demand for today, February 3, at 2:00 p.m.

The solid purple line is the energy supply while the turquoise line is the demand. So yes, at 2:00 p.m. today, the grid is handling everything very well.

The dashboard has a wealth of other stats to go along with the power being generated to Texas. You can see it all at In the meantime, hunker down and we should get a nice thaw coming tomorrow afternoon.

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