It's been some trying days across East Texas and the whole state for that matter. Lots of rain has been dumped on us and we need a bit of a break. Looking at the forecast (as of this writing) from KLTV, it looks like we'll finally see some sun on Sunday. We're low on the vitamin D so bring it on.

But Texas always seems to find the humor in an unpleasant situation. These memes are proof of that.

My personal favorite - Forest Gump.

When whales are jumping down the street, $%!t just got real.

If you live in a van down by the river, you've probably been swept away.

Is there not a situation where Friends comes into play?

I don't know if anyone does this dance anymore, but stop!

Someone couldn't keep their hair from frizzing.

Lieutenant Dan, you're a boat captain?!

Hope you got a good life out of these. Enjoy some indoor activities this weekend. Build a fort, enjoy some board games, take a nap. The possibilities are endless.

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