It’s something that has been going on not only in Texas but across the world for many decades, we’re talking about kids being bullied at school by other students. We’ve all heard the saying that bullies at school are just being mean because they are unhappy or have other problems going on but that doesn’t make it any easier when they are being mean. It’s a harsh reality but most of us get bullied at school at some point. But are school bullies in Texas any worse that in other states?  

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The good people at WalletHub just put together data to rank the states with the biggest bullying problem in 2023. According to their research about 20% of students experience bullying either online or in person, and I really thought that number would be higher.  

How Were These Bully Rankings Created? 

There were three main factors when it comes to putting these rankings together which include: bullying prevalence, bullying impact and treatment, and anti-bullying laws that are currently in effect for each state.  

How Did Texas Do in the Rankings? 

When it comes to states with the biggest bullying problems Texas came in at #17 (the lower number the better), so not too bad. The lone star state did really well when looking at online bullying stats, there doesn’t seem to be much to worry about there. But this is a great way to start a conversation with the kids in your life to make sure they aren’t being bullied at school, and if they are it’s time to act so it doesn’t continue to happen.  

Source: WalletHub

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