Many of us are getting ready for the multitude of trick or treaters that will visit our house looking to add to their candy haul at the end of this month. Those trick or treaters will have many different ways to collect that candy. It could be a simple bag or a plastic bucket in the shape of a pumpkin. Most of those buckets will be orange in color but others may be a different color. There is a meaning to those colors. Let's look at the four colors you may see in Texas this Halloween and what the meaning of those colors is.

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Fun of Trick or Treating

Trick or treating is a time honored tradition for kids and teenagers. It's a night to get dressed up as their favorite comic book hero or heroine, movie star, TV show character or just a simple ghost. Those kids and teenagers will then descend upon a neighborhood or four approaching each front door with an emphatic "Trick or Treat!" and collecting a treat or two from each house for a sugar rush when the night is over. It's a fun time for the trick or treaters and the folks handing out candy.

Collecting Candy in More Than One Color of Bucket

Those kids will be collecting their Halloween booty in a wide variety of ways. Some will have a pillow case, others will have a sack of some kind and others will have a plastic pumpkin with a fun face on it that will most likely be orange in color. However, some kids may be holding a different colored pumpkin or you may see a different colored pumpkin on someone's porch.

What These Colors Mean

There is a significant meaning to those colors that will help you either approach the house more aware or be more mindful of the trick or treater. Let's look at those four colors below and what they mean.

The 4 Pumpkin Colors You Need to Know for Halloween in Texas This Year

Many of us are getting ready for the multitude of trick or treaters that will visit our house looking to add to their candy haul. Some of those trick or treaters may have a different colored pumpkin in their hand or on their porch. Let's learn what those different colors mean.

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Good Information to Know

It's good to know what these colors mean so everyone can have a happy, fun and very safe Halloween this year.

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