DISCLAIMER: The Best Damn Thing I Ate series is where Melz On The MIC checks out restaurants all across East Texas for the purposes of review. Melz was not compensated or given free food for his review.

I've been officially in Tyler for 3 days now and as I continue to learn more and more about our area, one of the things I've been craving is some good old fashioned seafood and as I was driving around the city, I saw Uncle Jacks Kitchen and decided to stop through.

With a huge menu of items including catfish, shrimp, wings and more, Uncle Jacks Kitchen definitely has something for you! I was kind of intimidated by so much to choose from so I asked the young lady working the register for her suggestion.

She told me that if I would like to try some of their most popular items in one plate, she suggested the 2 Catfish, 2 Wings and 2 Shrimp plate which came with seasoned fries so that's what I got and it didn't disappoint.

The catfish portions alone where HUGE and the shrimp was dope as well but the wings I ordered were covered in Uncle Jacks exclusive "Sleezy Sauce" which was sweet yet spicy but all around delicious as I destroyed my wings before I got to anything else. The even threw in some "Sleezy Eggs" which were deviled eggs drenched in Sleezy Sauce.

I even got a sample of their delicious gumbo and even though I'm not a fan of okra in my gumbo, that sample I was given was devoured as well.

So overall, everything was great, the staff were super nice and great people and I recommend you check them out if you haven't yet. They are located at 721 N. Palace Avenue in Tyler and you can check them out on Facebook.

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