Most of us here in Texas dream about going off to college after having fun and learning a lot in high school. Some of us have an idea on what we need to study and others just want the freedom of doing whatever they want. But one thing is for sure, we have lots of colleges to choose from in Texas. After a quick Google search I found that there are 268 colleges and universities, 107 of them being public institutions. But when looking at the world’s most breathtaking college campuses how many of them are found in Texas? 

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We all know that the state of Texas is gigantic and there is so much variety as far as the beauty you see outdoors. So, when you’re attending class in the Dallas/Fort Worth area it’s going to be quite different compared to what you will see when walking out of your classroom in El Paso. They are both fantastic options, you just have to choose which one is a better fit for you, which one fits your budget, and what helps you the most in your career field. 

The College’s That Made the List 

This list of most beautiful college campuses was created by Cheapism which did a great job of researching older colleges and universities with a lot of history. While I do admit they chose some very nice college campus I was shocked with some of their results. 

What Texas College Campuses Made the List? 

According to their results there were zero college campus in Texas that made their list of the most breathtaking in the world. I think they missed some of the very best college campuses, but that is their mistake.  

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