Some good news for Longview commuters. The City of Longview has installed traffic lights at one busy city intersection, in the hopes of lightening congestion and potentially saving lives.

This week crews are completing work on the installation of temporary lights at the intersection of McCann and George Richey Roads. So be sure to keep an eye out for the workers, and the new lights.

The City posted on their Facebook page that "Once complete, the lights will flash for about a week and then become fully operational. During that week, traffic on McCann Road will see a blinking red light signaling to stop. Meanwhile, traffic on George Richey Road will see a blinking yellow light signaling to continue with caution."

The city also tells us that the permanent light poles will take several months to arrive and be installed.

So what do you think about the new lights? Folks are already sounding off on social media and the two most common thoughts are this is great news, or like Darrell Edwards points out "another red light for Longview drivers to run."

JoeDan Weir seconds Darrel's sentiment, "it's all day, everyday people flying through lights, cars continue to turn on a red light in front of cars with green lights."

Anna Schnetzer Johnson writes that she is "glad they are finally doing something." And Howard Ramsay posts that "Lives will be saved."

Regardless of what your thoughts are concerning the new lights, there will without a doubt be an adjustment period at the intersection. So be sure to be extra vigilante while driving through it the next several weeks. Even though you may be aware of the changes, others may not.


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