We all know that smoking cigarettes is horrible for our health. We also know that it can affect those around us, especially the little ones growing in your belly. But, some people do not understand how important this is. Here are some real facts about why should should never smoke while pregnant. 

The severity of cigarette affects on babies is intense. It should be a no duh point, but you will still see women smoking during their pregnancy.

Hopefully, these scary facts will help those women quit.

1. Low Birth Weight

Forget having a healthy 8 or 9 pound baby if you have been smoking. The nicotine in cigarettes leads to low birth weights. This will lead to early health problems for the child, possibly even time in the NICU. Think about how you will tell them why you weren't able to hold them after their. Try and put the words together for your explanation of why they spent their first days in an enclosed incubator like crib.

2. The Worst S Words Ever

Two of the worst words to start with S are headed your way if you are smoking while pregnant. Sids and stillbirths. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a real chance for a baby if the mother smokes. Imagine taking your sweet one home and them passing away in their sleep. Think about how that will be because you couldn't quit. Also, the risks of having a stillbirth increase for cigarette addicts. You are wishing death upon your child if you light up.

3. Placental Abruption

This is explains as, "placental abruption occurs when the placenta pulls away from the baby or the uterus wall during labor or delivery." This will put you and baby at risk for major health problems. The placenta is an important part of the survival of the infant. If you can't stop when thinking about harming your baby, do it because it might save your life too.

4. Baby's Breathing

Increased chances of respiratory failure or other problems is caused by that pack a day. This isn't just for right after birth, the child can having breathing issues for the rest of their life. Before they can even make the choice to smoke or do anything else to harm their respiratory system,  you have ruined it for them. Think about the heart ache, pain, and money you will have to give to get through your child's asthma.

5. Colicky Baby

Colic is a risk factor for babies that had smoking mother's during pregnancy. This has been found from recent studies conducted on the effects of smoking mothers. Think about how colic will effect your child. "Colic is not only painful for your baby, it makes it hard for him or her to eat and sleep, and causes the baby to cry a lot."  Of course, Babies birthed by non-smoking mothers can have colic. But, the chances of this happening rise dramatically with smoking mothers.

6. Birth Defects

If you have read the side of your pack of cigarettes, you know that smoking during pregnancy can cause births defects. The Surgeon General doesn't put this on every pack for the fun of it, they are honestly trying to warn you about something very serious. What are the defects? Cleft lip or palette, heart problems, respiratory issues, club foot, and eye defects. Want your child to live healthy and happy? Stop smoking.

7. Premature Birth

Smoking moms have an astoundingly high chance for premature birth. Remember when I asked you to try and imagine what you will say to your child to explain why you didn't get to hold them, take them home right away, let them hear your voice, hug them, kiss them? Your baby will be behind closed doors, cold and alone trying to make it in a world it wasn't quite ready for. The time in your belly is very important to your baby, why take away its time for a smoke?

Don't be selfish. Don't be dumb. Don't be cruel. Don't risk your child's life.

Quit now. Save your baby.

Need help quitting? Here are some people willing to help.

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