The "Secret Sister" gift exchange is making the rounds again on social media according to

In the scam, you are asked to purchase a $10 gift card, then send it to a friend without them knowing it's you. In exchange, you are promised a number of gifts in return. Thirty-six is used in the article sited.

The problem is, it's illegal. This is considered gambling by the postal service. You can read the full explanation of the law from Cornell Law. Meaning, even though you are a victim of this scam, you could still go to jail for unwillingly participating.

I've seen similar scams with the same premise on my Facebook feed a couple of times. No, I didn't fall for it, and neither should you. Keep in mind, too, that thieves could be looking to steal your personal information with stunts like this. If you see it, ignore it.

And tell your friends to not do this either.

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