If you live or have lived in East Texas, you may have heard of the infamous art between two pieces of bread: The Mother Clucker from Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q in Tyler. 

It was named the third best BBQ sandwich in the state by Only in Your State and the No. 1 sandwich in Texas by Texas Monthly. So, if you haven't tried this state-known sandwich, we highly suggest you get with the program!

Pretty soon the weather will be perfect to grab a cocktail or beer, listen to some live music, play some cornhole, and order the best sandwich ever at Stanley's. So when you get the Mother Clucker, we have to make sure everyone gets it right.

Here are the Ten Commandments of the Mother Clucker:

  1. If you're not getting it with the egg, it's just a clucker... not a Mother Clucker.
  2. It may have bacon and egg, but it's not just a breakfast thing. Eat it at any time of day.
  3. Eat it there! Don't waste that valuable time of driving back to your home to eat it. It will still be amazing, but nothing compares to chowing down right after it's prepared. Plus there are always fun people and things going on!
  5. Press that sammy a little. You'll appreciate the yolky egg soooo much more - it should also help with the spice if it's still bothering you. What are you doing in Texas if this burns your mouth? =D
  6. It might be too messy to hide a ring in this sandwich, but Stanley's ain't a bad place for a marriage proposal. According to Texas Highways, Nick and Jen Pencis (current owners) first met at Stanley's and later he proposed to her there.
  7. The fact that this chicken sandwich was listed as one of the best BBQ sandwiches (over brisket, pulled pork - see: Ex-Wife), means don't worry about the red meat. This will hold you over for that day.
  8. There's something about getting this sandwich (or ANYTHING at Stanley's for that matter) with a side of cowboy beans.
  9. If spicy isn't your thing, don't worry it's not so bad and well worth the minor inconvenience that can be soothed with a coke or a micro-brew of your choice.
  10. This is a Stanley's original. Let them make it in their perfection. This is a business Tyler wants to keep forever so patronize the iconic BBQ joint!

There you have it! Follow these commandments and you'll certainly enjoy this sandwich (or don't... it's still one of the best sandwiches in the state!).

The Mother Clucker, according to Stanley's, consists of:

Jalapeno cheese sourdough, smoked chicken thigh, fried egg, cheddar cheese, spicy barbecue mayo, candied bacon and guacamole upon request (even though it's mandatory according to the commandments above).

Aaron Savage | Townsquare Media
Aaron Savage | Townsquare Media

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