The Texas Tech athletics department has been open in the past few months about being there for their student-athletes. Not just on the field or in practice, but off the field too.

This summer has seen great amounts of social unrest with protests escalating into riots and people calling for justice. The Texas Tech basketball team participated in the Silent Solidarity March back in June and Kirby Hocutt had a frank discussion with all the student-athletes around the same time.

The Big 12 basketball coaches put out joint statements after the death of George Floyd.

The Red Raider coaches aren't only reaching out to their own teams.

Today, the Texas Tech football team and the Lady Raider basketball team shared a moment of solidarity inside of Jones Stadium.

Football coach Matt Wells and Lady Raider leader Marlene Stollings stood together wearing messages of unity on their shirts.

Not only will Texas Tech athletes have to face the normal struggle of an athletic season and course load. They'll have to face the coronavirus, the response to that, an ever-changing schedule, and everything that goes with that. It doesn't stop their though, these coaches and athletes will have to face the pressure from their peers to make a statement.

That's all on top of the social pressure these athletes face to use their platform.

If there are collegiate athletics in the fall, it will be one of the most mentally straining times of these players' lives.

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