While this is a "joyous" time of the year for most of us, the same can be said for those who choose to live the "criminal" lifestyle because as expected during the holidays, the desperation meter gets cranked up a lot as some would rather steal than do what's right.

We've been sharing stories over the last few weeks of folks doing all sorts of wrong, from using stolen debit cards at stores to folks just straight up and down shoplifting out of stores. While some get caught and face the consequences, there are others that are still on the loose and maybe planning to steal again. That's why we felt it was important to share this story with you.

Recently in the Facebook Group "Tyler, TX Traffic Rants and Raves", a group member shared a warning advising the public to keep an eye on their valuables so that they don't get got like her.

Credit: Facebook

Her post reads:

To the P.O.S. that stole my mom's and another lady's wallets OUT OF THEIR PURSES at BROOKSHIRES' on fifth street within 5 minutes of each other around 1:30 p.m. today.......... SHAME ON YOU! I hope you have have rotten Thanksgiving dinner and just so you know yes the cops have been called and you are on camera at WAL-MART. BE CAREFUL EVERYONE!! THE THEIVES ARE OUT!!


According to her post, a thief made off with the wallets of her mom and another lady at the Brookshire's location on 5th Street in Tyler. She says that the thefts occurred within 5 minutes of each other in the afternoon hours this past Friday. She went on to add that the thief or "thieves" were later seen on camera using funds or cards from their ill-gotten gains at Wal-Mart and were caught on camera. This was revealed after she shared how she really felt about the situation with some "wishes" for the offenders!



Group member Lance Dent shared some great advice advising ladies to just carry cash and their shopping lists on them.


Another group member shared her experience about getting her stuff stolen at a Brookshire's in Athens and what she's learned since then and she wasn't the only one.


The best advice is to not leave your purses and valuables out in the open. It can be hard to remember with all the rushing around we all have to do at this time of the year so remember this story.

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