Watching the 90th Annual Academy Awards, we were given a glimpse of the return of Mary Poppins. Disney debuted a snippet a of the official teaser trailer.

I got so many goosebumps watching that tiny little clip of Mary Poppins Returns, that I had to share the full trailer with you. Watching it, I'm so excited to see Emily Blunt step into the iconic shoes of Julie Andrews.

Mary Poppins is one of my favorite childhood films. The music, the liveliness and the wonder are infectious. I can only imagine what special sparks both Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel-Miranda will bring to this follow-up tale to the 1964 classic.

The film is set to debut at Christmas. What a spectacular Christmas gift to everyone who has long been a fan of the magical nanny, Marry Poppins.

On that note, if you have not seen the film, Saving Mr. Banks, and you are a Mary Poppins fan, add it to your list.

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