Being the sci-fi nerd that I am, when my boss came to me and said there is a Tron inspired home for sale in Dallas, I had to give it a look. I own the original Tron on DVD and Blu-Ray and very much enjoyed the sequel Tron: Legacy. This home drew some inspiration from that sequel with the addition of being able to park your Ferrari in the living room. Yeah, pretty cool. Let's check it out.

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A Brief Description of the Movie

The Tron movies are not for everyone, I get that. The original has not aged well as far as the CGI but it is a classic movie of the 80's. Its the story of a rogue computer programmer, Kevin Flynn, who gets sucked into a digital universe that must be freed from a tyrant program. For a kid of the 80's, this was the ultimate look into the future. My imagination still runs wild when I watch it.

The Sequel 28 Years Later

The sequel, Tron: Legacy, released in 2010 and revisited this digital universe but with a new adversary. The futuristic home of Kevin Flynn in that digital universe is the inspiration for this Dallas home.

The Dallas Home Inspired by the Movie

The home is essentially a box but with white lights to illuminate every room and has the ability to show off your exotic car in the living room. The open design of the home gives plenty of space to move from living room to kitchen to office to the bedrooms. The 80's inspired entertainment room is nice with room to be a home theater or to open your Flynn's, the arcade from Tron. This home is listed for a mere $3,960,000 so give it a look below and dip into your imagination as to what you could do with it.

Tron Inspired Home in Dallas, Texas

This is a futuristic looking home in Dallas that will have you living in luxury.

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