The pandemic changed a lot about our lives. How we travel. How we play. Even how we shopped. One particular thing needs to happen, though, for all to finally be 100 percent normal, Walmart to be back open 24 hours.

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Because I'm a weirdo, I loved going to Walmart at 1 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Why? Because it was fun. There would be four other people shopping and ten to twelve workers stocking shelves, cleaning or carrying out other duties. I would be in there to pick up one or two items that I needed but it was also just to find something to do because I didn't want to go to sleep.

There was a deeper meaning to it, too. It was a chance to think. It was a chance to wander around and look at random stuff and think about life. For some odd reason, I could come away from that bit of wandering with a little bit of clarity. I know that's strange, but it did.

I'm not gonna lie, either, but there were other times I did it for the sole purpose of personal entertainment. There would be times a stumbling couple would wonder in or a group of friends, fresh from last call, would stroll in looking for a late night snack or a last minute pickup for the after party. It was fun to minding my own business in sporting goods and hear their conversations as they were walking by.

I know I'm not the only one with this weird enjoyment. I really miss it. I truly believe that the world will not truly get back to normal until Walmart is back open for 24 hours. Whether you use it for personal enlightenment or just to pick up the milk you forgot, those late night slash early morning trips really felt normal.

Thanks for taking this moment to read this moment random rambling. Reach out and let me know if you miss this, too.

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