All ten of the commandments are important. But one in particular always stands out to me, thou shalt not steal. It's a very simple concept, don't take what someone has used their hard earned money to treat themselves or get that new addition to their home. To use a funeral as your excuse to break into a car and steal something takes things to a whole new low, though. That's what happened in Carthage and police need your help.

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Yes, someone in Carthage decided that a funeral was the place to best carry out a robbery. The said theft allegedly took place Sunday, February 13 at First Baptist Church on South Market Street in Carthage. The suspect caught on camera looks to be a white male, early 20's maybe, wearing a gray hoodie with the Nike slogan "Just Do It" on the front, possibly black pants, very unnoticeable (sarcasm) turquoise and pink tennis shoes and carrying a large bag (possibly what was taken).

Contact the Carthage Police Department if you possibly have any information into this theft at 903-693-3866.

If there is one place that people should feel safe is at church. To be despicable enough to walk onto a church campus, during a funeral and add this feeling of violation onto an already emotional day is beyond me. Whoever this person is, let's hope they are caught but also someone can help this person realize the additional pain they have brought to an innocent person.

This is not who we are as East Texans.

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