A video of a Longview, Texas man was submitted as "riot evidence" during the hearings by the January 6 committee.

Many of us have been at least keeping an eye on the January 6th hearings that have been taking place recently. I finally watched some of the third one yesterday. Wow. Watching them discuss the event and hearing the varying sides present their thoughts has been a bit surreal.

But even for those of us who are just doing the best to live our lives and take care of our families in the midst of the madness, when you hear that an East Texas man was featured in one of the videos submitted, one might not be able to turn away completely. At least, I couldn't.

Ryan Nichols, a former U.S. marine from Longview, Texas, was "reportedly taking part in the violent riot at the U.S. capitol was shown as evidence during Thursday's Jan. 6 Committee hearing," according to CBS19.

Here's the YouTube video if you'd like to watch it:

Ryan Nichols is currently charged with five felonies and three misdemeanors related to his participation on January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol.

Those prosecuting Nichols claim he also assualted law enforcement officers on the scene. Official documents also claim Nichols, along with another suspect, had brought firearms and ammo along, though they say he did not bring them to the Capitol during the clash. He was also reported as having referred to the Jan. 6 incident as a potential "second American Revolution."

Nichols is shown in the video saying:

"The second revolutionary war right now, the American revolutionary war that's going on right now, it started today on a Wednesday, it's going to be violent."

Nichols' attorney claims that Nichols felt he was simply "answering a call" from former President Trump.

Alex Harkrider of Carthage, Texas, is also facing charges. Read more here.

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