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Longview drivers are not invincible when it comes to traffic accidents. Just like drivers in any other city in the county, state and nation, they too, can be involved in a traffic accident. Traffic accidents are no fun and they're quite disruptive to everyday life and to the bank account too.

A lot of traffic accidents can be avoided if drivers would return to basic driver education rules, follow traffic signs and signal lights, observe what's happening around them, do not eat while behind the wheel and leave the cell phone alone. Distractions, while we're driving, are one of the major causes of accidents.

Earlier in the week, we took a look at the '15 Most Accident-Prone Intersections and Roads in Tyler' and after contacting the Longview Police Department to obtain the same information, we now know the Longview intersections that saw the most police, fire,  ambulance and tow truck activity throughout 2021. Like we mentioned before, and will here again, here are some things that you can do as a driver to avoid or prevent traffic accidents:

  • Slow down - go the speed limit
  • Watch for cross traffic - whether at a stop light, stop sign or someone pulling out of a shopping center or residential driveway
  • Traffic lights and signals - although it's green, proceed through with caution
  • Avoid distractions - phone calls, texts, eating, putting on make-up, adjusting the radio

For the most part, the same factors come into play that could have contributed to many of these accidents in Longview last year:

  • High number of vehilcles - just a lot of traffic on a particular road
  • Poor visibililty - due to weather conditions or the design of an intersection due to terrain
  • Risky turning into traffic - we see this alot, drivers pulling out of a business driveway in front of others going speed limit and having to quickly stop
  • Reckless driving - speeding, changing lanes, merging, road raging

One intersection that did not make it in the top 10 - thankfully - was McCann Rd. @ George Richey Road.  This intersection will hopefully be safer in the coming week's thanks to the installation of a new traffic signal at this intersection.

Being alert and always watching what is happening around you while on the road can help prevent you from being in an accident.

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