Driving, for the most part, can be a smooth adventure. But sometimes, heading out into the world amongst the hundreds, or even thousands, of drivers on our roadways can be a chore. We could run into a single driver or even multiple drivers that just are not being the best behind the wheel. This can be very aggravating and can lead to a possible exchange of some curse words and maybe a middle finger. Sometimes, though, that exchange can lead to an actual confrontation just like what happened recently in Houston, Texas.

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Don't Know How Altercation Started

I don't know exactly what led up to this altercation but from what I could gather is that the dude in the truck must have gotten into the lane of the dude in the electric BMW. This must have caused both vehicles to stop with the BMW guy getting out to let the dude in the truck know his frustration. To drive home the point that he didn't appreciate the bad driving, BMW dude pulls out a shotgun from the back. Luckily, he never uses it but some serious words are exchanged.

Play by Play

I'll give a bit of a play by play followed by the full video for you to check out for yourself. If you turn the volume way up, you can somewhat hear the "conversation" but is still hard to make out and I wouldn't suggest doing it at work as some harsh language can be heard.

Houston Road Rage Play by Play

Preventing This Situation

This situation started out pretty scary but luckily only resulted in a serious exchange of words. What could have prevented this? Who knows but I think it would be safe to say that either one, or both, parties wasn't driving the best. Driving can certainly be a task sometimes but it should never get to this point if everyone is obeying the rules and laws of the road.

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